Monday, March 21, 2011

Vistaprint Marketing Resources has many great products & services to market your company. They have customizable business cards in great designs for very low prices in great packages (250,500,1000)-an essential for any company looking for increased attention in todays competitive market. Their business cards come in various levels (Pro, Basic, Standard, etc.) Vistaprint sells customizable t-shirts for your company, as well as many other options of customizable apparel. Vistaprint also offers coffee mugs, pens, car items, and many more customizable items to promote your business. You can even upload your own design or company logo to place on one of their customizable items or business cards

Tomorrow I'll be discussing Vistaprints E-marketing options such as e-mail marketing & I'll go more in depth on their customizable websites and Advertising packages.

Cya later guys - HJohnson


  1. All is ok, but what about prices? Is it cheap enough to make big shopping there?

  2. Vistaprint is great I got my company t-shirts from there. They were easy to make, had many options, and turned out great.

  3. @Triper their prices are pretty good for the items that they sell. Prices for t-shirts, for instance, range from about 7-10$ depending on how many you buy. You can buy quantities in the 10s or 100s. Vistaprints items are cheap considering you can upload your own company logo and everything. They also have magnets, polo shirts, keychains, bags and alot more customizable items that are great for promoting your business. Just by wearing my t-shirt around I think I at least got an extra 10 future customers so they're definitely worth it.