Thursday, November 1, 2012

picking up this Blog again

t7n4 After a lengthy blogging hiatus starting last May, I have decided to return to this blog in order to once again disseminate knowledge / personal commentary of business affairs to those who may be interested. I had previously built up a substantial following for a small, new blog but was overcame with a busy personal schedule and a lengthy trip to a third-world country where internet access is quite limited. The focus of this blog will change a bit, from specifically E-Marketing to a general business commentary with personal entrepreneurship strategies thrown in and about...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Advertising on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world, with millions of people accessing the site from around the world every day. Youtube offers many advertising options ranging price from $100 to $100,000+.  Advertisements can be placed on the front page of Youtube gaining your company exposure to millions of unique visitors every day, or placed on individual videos, which can be greatly beneficial to help target specific groups of potential customers who would be more likely to be interested in your products or services.  .  --Hunter J

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has fast become one of the most visited sites IN THE WORLD. With tens of millions of users accessing the site often multiple times in a day, and with these users coming from all over Earth & having different individual interests & preferences - the potential for advertising reach is enormous. With smart facebook marketing your business has the potential to place ads where you can reach your target market, develop a new customer base, & generate global interest in your products or services therefore creating new clientele and new sources of revenue. Businesses/Organizations can also create pages / advertise for these pages that represent their business - where potential customers can:

  1.  Discover your business
  2.  Find what you do
  3.  Find your website/contact info 
  4.  Become interested in your business 
  5. "Like" your business therefore making it more noticeable to other customers 
  6. Share your business with their friends & contacts therefore spreading the word
The potential is enormous. New business can be made through the reach of social media/Facebook every day.
It all depends on your individual strategy/marketing plan.

Ads can be optimized to a certain target market
& results can be effectively & quickly analyzed as seen above.

Paid Facebook ads run similar to business advertising with Google Adwords

There are 2 options: CPC Advertising & CPM Advertising

with CPC Advertising you pay only when somebody clicks on your Ad

with CPM Advertising you pay whenever your ADs get 1000 impressions
 (whenever they show up to users 1000 times)

The cost for running these Ads depends on what kind of ad you want to create for customer impressions
*Ads are simple but there is a decent range* & how many people you want to reach
(you can set limits on a certain # of ads displayed/day (CPM) or $$$ limit/ day (CPC) )
   Prices can range from $10 a day to $75,000+ / day
 There are no extra costs associated with advertising on Facebook

When evaluating a marketing strategy its important to determine your 
specific philosophy, market, and reach, as well as customer presence.

For example if you are advertising of a large, publicly well recognized company / brand you want to entice customers to your specific products/services *especially new ones/popular ones* , not your brand.

Scenario 1
Johnnys looking at his Facebook and sees a plain old Coca-Cola ad - 

"Buy Coca Cola - "mmm so refreshing, etc."  

Johnny sees Coca Cola every day, hes not a huge Coke fan but hes a casual consumer who likes a frequent sip or two of the American Classic - Coke.

Scenario 2 
Johnnys looking at Facebook and sees an Ad for the NEW COKE ZERO - as well as an offer that anybody who "Likes" Coke/Coke Zeros page gets a coupon/discount/special offer/etc. Offers with Facebook / Facebook - Groupon have been TREMENDOUSLY successful in recent times
                  - Think Oreo/Blackjack Taco from TBell/etc.

Johnny didn't know there was a new Coke product coming out - or maybe he saw the commercial, he clicks on the page for more info, deciding it looks pretty good, likes the deal offered and goes out & buys a 12 pack. In this process Johnny is:

1. Exposed to information about Coke and its various products / new products in this case 
                  -some of which he may not knew of previously

2. Offered a deal which he may tell friends/family/etc about

3. Exposed to this new product which smartly marketed looks delicious and may come
 in some different flavors he might want to try on a hot summer day

If you are a smaller/newer brand just trying to get consumers aware of your products/business/services it is best to develop ads that appeal to as many people as possible or spread different ads over different target markets, bringing consumers to your website/Facebook page. Have basic information/what your company does displayed in your ads to let customers what you do so they will remember your name. Offering deals such as previously described is a great idea too.

 Enticing people to "Like" your business page will make it more popular in search results therefore attracting more potential customers/business in the long run. Have more information/details on your Facebook page to let them know quickly & efficiently what you're all about. These basic steps combined with other smart marketing strategies is an excellent way to get your Facebook marketing rolling & to make a big presence on the Internet. Once potential/interested customers gain knowledge of your company/products/services this information can spread like wildfire across the internet & social media landscape, therefore attracting more potential customers & business. 

The potential for businesses marketing with Facebook is pretty huge. 
Any business can do it - big or small - & any business can get results 
The costs are affordable for any company ad budget
Combined with other E-marketing strategies large #s of customers can be exposed to your business
With the right strategy a large customer/interested base can be developed off Facebook alone

To learn more/register for Facebooks advertising programs 
go to the official homepage of Facebook Advertising

Next time I'll talk more about E-marketing with Facebook concerning:

  •  Creating a business page on Facebook
  •  More Facebook marketing strategies
  • Putting all of your businesses E-marketing ventures together/linking your advertising to a common goal/plan


Friday, April 15, 2011

constantcontact Event Marketing options

 Last time I talked about Social Media Marketing with constantcontact & previously I discussed their email marketing options. Today I will give some information about their event marketing options.

  • Event Marketing
      With ConstantContact you can purchase their Event Marketing service that lets your customers know about       your company/business events though tools such as:

  • RSS Feed Subscription
  • Keyword tools to help potential customers find your event in an Internet search
  • Twitter #tag feature to get the news out about your event
  • Event profiles/webpage for your website
  • Event news widgets
  • Tools to set up/track event registration.
  • Promote your event through e-mail marketing to a set list of contacts
  • Registration payment options through PayPal
Here's their video from their Youtube page that describes their event marketing services.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Constant Contact Social Media E-Marketing

Last post I discussed ConstantContacts e-mail marketing services to get your company noticed.

Today I will discuss & give a quick description of 1 of their other advertising options: Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a big thing these days, with websites such as Facebook & Twitter having millions & millions of potential customers access them every day. Advertising & placing your business on such websites can generate new & interested customers who your services/products are geared towards - therefore making you $$$. 

Constant Contact will create profiles for your business geared to generate the interest of thousands of potential customers who will see your business/advertisements on websites such as :

Heres a video from ConstantContacts Youtube page describing what their Social Media Marketing options can do for your business :

As you can see: Constant Contacts Social Media advertising packages make it easy for any business
to attract potential customers, make $$$, and establish a lasting presence on the Web.

Next time I'll discuss some more of ConstantContacts E-marketing options



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Constant Contact e-mail marketing

Hey guys check out Constant Contact is an e- marketing service that I saw some commercials for and finally decided to visit today. The service looks pretty good & their services are very well-priced. Their services include e-mail marketing for as low as $15 with e-mail list management, customizable emails & email newsletters. They offer a 60-day free trial to try the service before you buy a package for your business or organization.

Here's their e-mail marketing package rates: (monthly)

E-mail addresses:

  •  0-500  / $15 per month
  •  501-2500 / $30 per month
  • 2501-5000 / $50 per month
  • 5001-10000 / $75 per month
  • 10001 - 25000 / $150 per month

Pretty good rates for such great e-mail marketing packages & the services they provide.
It is vital to stay in contact with potential & future customers so these e-mail marketing packages that provide
 e-mail contact to hundreds & thousands of contacts are a huge benefit to any company.

Here's a video from ConstantContactsYoutube page describing their E-mail marketing service:

Next post I'll talk about some of ConstantContacts other e-marketing services 
such as their event marketing, social media marketing, & other advertising services. 
You can check them out yourself right now on


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PRWeb Video

Hey guys, heres a cool video on a software I discovered recently called PRWeb, the video pretty much sums up what it does so I'll let it do the talking. The software is by a marketing company called Vocus - you can find them at They offer other advertising software as well as PRWeb. Check this out and let me know what you think.

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