Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-marketing with Vistaprint

Vistaprint offers many affordable & great tools for E-marketing your business. Vistaprint offers an online profile packages where you can design a basic profile for your business that Vistaprint will send to over 100 online directories such as Google Profiles, Yellowpages, and more. Utilizing this service can greatly help market your business & people searching for your business or services/products like yours can find you- greatly increasing your customer base. Vistaprint also offers E-marketing services such as E-mail marketing. With their e-mail marketing service you can create e-mails & contact lists that Vistaprint will send periodically (you choose time intervals) to 100s or 1000s of  potentially customers. With Vistaprint you can create cheap, easy to build professional websites that are FREE for the 1st month. Having a website for your business is an essential need today when many customers can be found online. Having a business website has many other potential advantages such as being a platform to sell products or being a resource for valuable information in addition to being a marketing tool. Companies can also make money off their websites by profiting through ads using Google AdSense or another method. Vistaprints E-marketing tools are a great resource for any company working to establish a web-presence/get more customers. Try these tools out FREE for the 1st month at Vistaprint.com


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  1. now how much money do they require for this incredible service?

  2. Well their websites, e-mail marketing, and online profile services (along with their other internet advertising services) come at the basic, standard, and professional levels. These services cost anywhere from about $5-$15 a month.

    Pretty cheap considering having a website, online profile/advertising on many search engines, email marketing to 1000s of past/potential customers is such a great benefit for a business.

  3. Their shirts look pretty nice I might contact my manager about getting some for my company.