Friday, April 15, 2011

constantcontact Event Marketing options

 Last time I talked about Social Media Marketing with constantcontact & previously I discussed their email marketing options. Today I will give some information about their event marketing options.

  • Event Marketing
      With ConstantContact you can purchase their Event Marketing service that lets your customers know about       your company/business events though tools such as:

  • RSS Feed Subscription
  • Keyword tools to help potential customers find your event in an Internet search
  • Twitter #tag feature to get the news out about your event
  • Event profiles/webpage for your website
  • Event news widgets
  • Tools to set up/track event registration.
  • Promote your event through e-mail marketing to a set list of contacts
  • Registration payment options through PayPal
Here's their video from their Youtube page that describes their event marketing services.



  1. Looks like a useful page, gonna try it.

  2. always wondered how people made money online..

  3. It's amazing the things you can do with all the new social websites in present time. Wow...I am amazed.

  4. Hmm I probably wouldn't use these guys , but can imagine for someone new to the internet they'd be very useful!